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Impact Measurement Program

Measure and communicate your impact.







You know what you're doing, and the communities you serve can feel that impact, but your mission, story and organization gain depth and clarity when you build in metrics. Through measurable annual goals and key performance indicators, you can bring clarity to your internal organization and your external supporters as well as build focus around your priorities.

Cut through the noise.

This service is a 6 month - year long program designed for CEOs to bring clarity and organization around annual work toward achieving your organization's mission.

Building from your Strategic Plan or Case for Support, I take CEOs through a process of identifying 5 annual goals for the organization as a whole.

We then identify and communicate how each department and staff member play a role in achieving these goals, assign metrics (and KPIs if appropriate), and then customize your system for collecting and reporting that information.

Finally, we extract key data points for communication to the public and donors. This service is one of the most transformative programs offered and requires a commitment of 1-3 day CEO and/or staff “intensives” each quarter (can be broken into smaller meetings), and a bi-weekly coaching call to move action items along and problem solve around your unique culture. In order to offer clients our utmost creativity, we limit this service to 2 clients annually and recommend start date 1-3 months before you begin your budget planning.

2021/2022 1/2 client slots available.
2022/2023 1/2 client slots available.

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