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Board members often have untapped resources for funds and influence, you just have to meet them where they are to identify opportunities, and make it efficient for them and your staff to realize.


This proprietary board fundraising program was created and refined with clients over a 4 year period and yields consistent growth even through recession years. Contract this service to empower your closest allies and grow your resources in a highly efficient manner.

Board Fundraising Program

Empower your closest allies.

I work to prioritize opportunities that match your, and your staff’s, capacity to realize opportunities for the fiscal year at hand, while building a foundational strategy for each Board member’s entire term of board services.

Outputs are laid out in a digital matrix (google sheets) with individual plans for fiscal year one, a pipeline of opportunities per revenue stream and suggested action items for you and your staff to move opportunities forward and maintain the program.

Includes optional field mapping of matrix for upload into your CRM program.

Through a 3 month process, I work with you and key staff to create individual fundraising strategies for each of your board members to help them reach and often exceed their give|get goal.

I work with you to meet Board members at their individual and collective comfort level, then, we identify prospects, projects and opportunities that empower board members to build resources behind your mission.

Includes preliminary consultation with CEO and Development Director and interviews with staff and key board leaders (as appropriate) to understand your relationships, goals and culture.

Intake & Strategy.


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