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Dowling (she/her/they) is a skilled fundraiser and purpose driven organization strategist with more than 16 years experience building best-in-class social impact programs and the teams and partnerships to achieve them.

She has served multiple organizations in building power and position around values that reflect human possibility of equitable, transparent and sustainable societies.

She specializes in fundraising, board development, non-profit management, strategic planning & budgeting, creating innovative & metric driven work cultures, and developing purpose driven messaging to build public, private and community engagement. She has a deep background in the LGBTQ movement, has a versatile bench of programmatic methodology experience (particularly in media advocacy) and has clients in multiple sectors including LMI community direct services, environmental stewardship and conservation, women’s advocacy, and personal and community wellness - all with a through line of social justice.

She was born in Whittier, CA, raised in California’s Central Valley, earned her B.A. at UC Santa Barbara and lives with her wife and two toddlers in the Bay Area.

baseline values:
authenticity ~ truth ~ black liberation ~ gender liberation ~
indigenous sovereignty ~ community care ~ individual expression ~ connection ~ learning ~  balance ~ flexibility ~ flow~ reparations ~ restoration ~ hope +

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