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CEOs and Executive Directors can be some of the most effective fundraisers on the team, but with the demands on your time, you have to be efficient. Contract this service to build and move high performance opportunities forward.

Executive Fundraising Program

Make fundraising efficient for CEOs.

You might be great at fundraising but just do not have the time to organize your outreach -or- you might hate fundraising and need help in working through it from your authentic core.


With the contracting of the strategy service, you have the option to extend for up to 3 additional months of weekly or bi-weekly portfolio meetings wherein I organize/advise your moves management, relationship development and asks with each constituent.


Coaching sessions are always real time working sessions - we cover strategy and high level issues to start and then dive deep on individual constituents to prepare for your outreach / communications. All actions are recorded in a live matrix (google sheets) and field mapped for upload into your CRM. Max portfolio size 40-75 constituents (depending on your staff size).

Through a 2 month process I will analyze your constituent data (current and prospective) and incorporate your development team feedback to help prioritize a high performance portfolio of opportunities and lay a foundation for relationships with each constituent in the portfolio.


I work across all revenue streams or focus in individual areas including board members, corporations, foundations and/or individual major gifts.

High Performance Portfolio Strategy.

Portfolio Management & Coaching.

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