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Case for Support

Organize how you talk about your work.

Make it stand out.

The Case for Support is a 2-7 page document that forms the basis for all donor facing communications. It has been described as a “philanthropic investment prospectus” and clearly informs donors why they should invest in your organization’s mission and methodology in achieving that mission. This is THE vision-casting document and a source of messaging consistency for your organization.

Drawing on 16 years of experience in dos and don’ts, as well as a natural bent for getting to the heart of the matter, I map out and guide you through the process of forming your Case for Support. The process will efficiently draw input from your organization’s leadership, Board members, program staff and development staff to capture the essence and nuance of the work you are achieving as well as buy-in to the final product. Dowling also passes the document through her team of skilled practitioners in grant-writing, major gifts and membership programs for neutral party perspective and to ensure the document is set up to garner support at all levels of investment. Service includes a “Creative Brief” with the “Case for Support” copy which informs multiple design outputs options.


Cast a bold vision for a brighter future.


Invite donors to get caught-up in that vision.


Define your process and set expectations.

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