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Lauren Dowling helps

non-profit leaders raise funds and grow Impact.

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Nonprofit leaders and community organizers are some of the most effective agents for positive human evolution. They are the visionary seers, the believers, the brave-enough-to-be-doers.

Lauren Dowling draws on more than 17 years of success in nonprofit development to help non-profit, NGO, and purpose driven organization leaders raise the funds to build the world we need.

Services are designed to be short term (2-6 months) to help organizations refresh, revitalize and build programs that inject energy & resources into the organization and lay a foundation for exponential growth.

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Board Fundraising

Empower your allies.

Executive Fundraising

Make fundraising

efficient for CEOs.

Major Gifts Fundraising

Create a system of

being personal.

Case for Support Development

Building messaging that will resonate with donors.

Impact Measurement Program

Measure and communicate your impact.

Lauren is organized in her thinking and helps gather the appropriate information to solve problems. Her wide skillset has been essential to Junglekeepers in mediating collaborations with other organizations, securing major grants and creating sustainable operations. She is also very supportive and helps keep me grounded and energized in this work.

-Dina Tsouluhas, Co-founder & President - Junglekeepers | Peru

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